31 Days of Reflection, № 1 – Escapes

I’m going to attempt to post a thought every day this month reflecting on the year overall. It went by way too fast, so I want to bring some of it back. Some of these might be surface skims, some might be deep dives…

№. 1 — Escapes

Today I’ve been reflecting on how much I like to escape to other places, people, and thoughts. I think I’ve let that happen far too often this year. A lot of it has been reading (especially after slacking off last year and early this year), a lot of it has been media consumption, and yes, escaping through people, too. But it’s also been letting busyness and distraction get in the way. I found myself getting lost in work, then checking the calendar to see what I was supposed to be going to for the evening, then running off to that without thinking. Stopping to think and reflect didn’t happen enough (if at all), thus these notes.

At least reading-wise, this year’s been great. The last couple of months have been dominated by one writer, five books, and 4400 pages. All about a cat. I read the fifth volume of The Familiar in two days because all the different plot threads that were so disparate in the first book were finally interlinking and crossing over in the catchiest ways. Waiting a bunch of months for the sixth entry is going to be tough, but hopefully it won’t fly by like this year did. As a recommendation, I’d hunt down how the book club broke each book into sections spread out over the course of a month for each volume. I’d been buying the books as they were released, but avoided reading them do to their heftiness. Appearances can be deceiving and luckily they’re not endless pages of dense text.

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